Landmines, Brown Grass from Dog Urine: Lawn Turf, Sod, or Reseed the Yard?

grass for dogs
Photo: FabricandoVida, CC BY 2.0
My yard was a mess at the start of the year. After the snow melted, I had mound upon mound of dog droppings, which were buried from the multiple snowstorms this year. Once I started cleaning the yard, it felt like an archaeological dig.

I got to the bottom of it, but tore up the yard in the process. I had mud spots everywhere. My grass had brown spots from dog urine. I needed a solution.

I searched on Amazon, and read reviews about grass for dogs. I tried two products. The first was regular old grass seed. I re-seeded the entire lawn. A couple weeks later, I bought a patch kit. I put the grass patch kit on the brown spots and mud holes.

I left town for a while, and when I came back, the lawn looked good. Green grass has sprouted where the brown grass used to be. Also, the entire yard looked full after re-seeding it. A job well-done.

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